Fish Fight is open source

As promised, after months of private prototyping together with a growing number of early invitees, we're finally ready to make our code and community channels available to the general public.

See this tasty piece of 🍞? Why don't you try a little piece?.. 🎣 GOTCHA, you're one of us now!

☝️ Oh yeah, and we've launched our website too, courtesy of Alve Larsson.

Prototyping phase is over

This past month Fedor was working on a major refactor of our game to add one final feature: Online multiplayer. With that done we have settled on a foundational game architecture that will remain relatively stable as we continue to iterate on the game.

Prototyping of new weapons and features will of course continue, but we're no longer working with the mindset of "most of what we make will be thrown out later". As such, we are now ready for wide-scale collaboration!

Coming soon:

    Stay fishy!

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