Open Hiring and $100 internships

Here at Fish Fight inc., we practice open hiring. This makes our hiring process exceptionally simple.

How to apply:

  1. Help out with a bit of Fish Fight development. — Congrats, you’ve entered our hiring funnel!

  2. If your contribution is accepted, you’re hired. Double congrats!! 🙌

You are now at the Intern stage of our open hiring funnel. It doesn’t matter if you’re 13 or 130; everyone starts out as an intern. From this point onwards you may opt to continue working with us for however long you’d like, entirely at your leisure and control.


For developers already in employment: All we can offer you at this point is the joy of making a fun fish-game together with fun people, provided you find said game and people to be fun to work with.

We do also have commercial ambitions for this game and we think of every contribution as a legitimate claim to project equity in exchange for the value provided. But for now this remains a merely social contract, and even if we bring in the legalese you might still just be owed N% of a grand total of 0$ in revenues.

For students and anyone else who would get significant value from a $100 payment: We offer paid internships in the form of small, casual micro-gigs.

Paid Internship

At the time of writing, we pay between 2-4 interns $100-$250 every month in the form of micro-gigs. We are hoping to gradually increase the amount of paid interns every month, but these are our private funds so we have to pace ourselves.

Recurring payments will usually not go past a total of $500-$1000 for any given intern. By capping it we’re able to bring a continuous stream of new interns into our funnel. The first few months of an internship are always the most educational ones anyhow.

Some of the $100 gigs we’ve done with interns so far:

Interested? Reach out to Erlend on GitHub (email) or Discord (@erlend_sh#4477) and say a few words about what interests you about Fish Fight and what kind of gig you’d like to do. 

Cover image by Hannah Rodrigo.

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